The Ultimate Startup Marketing Strategy For Incredible Growth

Marketing a startup is based on two fundamental truths. The first one is that a product cannot succeed alone. The other is that marketing alone cannot make a crap product popular. Marketing a startup successfully
requires that you adopt outstanding marketing strategies and have a great product. Below is a guideline on how you can acquire more customers and make your product gain a mass audience.

Chapter 1: Startup Marketing Foundation

Feedback matters more than customers when it comes to marketing a startup. The quicker a brand can resolve customer objections and improve to meet customer demand, the more likely it is to thrive in a
competitive marketplace. For a brand to lay an aggressive entrepreneurship marketing strategy, it has to consider these essential aspects.
• Customer Feedback
• Fine-tuned messages
• Optimizing conversion rate
• Differentiation
• Use Facebook ads
• Growth hacking, which entails building marketing into a brand
• Targeting early adopters and diffusing innovation

Chapter 2: Startup’s Paid Media Marketing

There is a misleading belief that early-stage startups should cut their budget on marketing as much as possible. However, that isn’t true, given that marketing should focus on optimizing return on investment. So,
it would not make sense for a startup to sideline paid media channel as long as it drives qualified users to its stores and website. Paid media can also serve as a benchmark for a brand to compare its marketing efforts
with competitors. Paid media channels are categorized into an affiliate, search, and display marketing.

Online media channels can include:
• Facebook Advertising
• Reddit Advertising
• Google Adwords
• Google Remarketing
• Affiliate Marketing
• Video Pre-Roll Advertising
• LinkedIn Advertising
• Twitter Advertising
• Content Discovery Platforms
• StumbleUpon Advertising
• Facebook Exchange

Chapter 3: Startup’s Earned Media Marketing

An earned media marketing channel can be any form of publicity that a brand generates through its partners, fans, and customers. It is one of the most sustainable, credible, and cost-effective ways to market a startup
online. However, it can be hard to measure and create. The fact that people can trust recommendations from their friends makes earned media beneficial for startup marketing. However, research has shown a continued
decline in trust in owned and paid media advertising. Below is how startups can leverage the decline in trust in paid media advertising to drive more signups and sales.

• Meet Influencers
• Create Exceptional Resources
• Do Remarkable Things
• Optimize their Ranking on Search Engines

Chapter 4: Startup’s Owned Media Marketing

It refers to any marketing channel that a startup owns. It can be social media profiles or a website. There tends to be a close relationship between earned and owned media. Owned media often serves as a platform for increasing the success of paid and earned media. Owned media channels such as a blog can allow you to post about your brand. Building a blog, leveraging YouTube, which is the world’s second-largest search engine, and investing in email marketing, can bolster your owned media marketing campaigns. Building your presence on social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can also be an effective, affordable way to increase your SaaS sales.