7 RULES for EFFECTIVELY using Social Media Marketing

Social media is constantly evolving and what worked 5 years ago doesn’t necessarily mean it will work today. Sure, there are basic fundamental elements of marketing and human psychology, but how they
manifest themselves digitally is always changing. Consider ad content in your feeds. That was and still is, an important element of communication with your customer but then, wait…here come influencers! BAM!
Another evolutionary development in marketing!

So what should we marketers do in this day in age and what should we be mindful of as we put together our over-arching digital marketing strategies? Let’s look at 7 KEY rules for effective social media marketing:

1. Remember that social media is just a means to an end. Back in the day, everything was simple.

Create a business page, put it up and then put a link to it on your profile. Now you have social media “influencers” and the evolution continues. Evolve with it, and remember that it is a means to an end. The better you are at recognizing trends and staying relevant in terms of marketing and brand strategy, the better off you will be!

2. Know your GOALS when it comes to social media.

Goals are what motivate us to take positive action in our own interest. We create a challenge to ourselves and psychologically we are compelled to rise to the occasion. What are you trying to do with your social media presence? Are you trying to generate leads or are you building a brand? As is commonly done, are you providing customer support through your social media presence? Figure out EXACTLY what you are tying to get out of your social media messages so that you have clarity of purpose and can maximize your overall business results!

3. Determine what is working and what is not.

This is simple, but often overlooked. Analyze, with LASERLIKE precision what is working in your marketing strategy and what isn’t. This is a BASIC BUSINESS PRINCIPLE! Know what your “best practices” are and what things are not working for your marketing from a practical standpoint.


This should speak for itself. Knowing everything that you can about
your competitor is KEY! Enough said!

5. Make sure your social media marketing budget matches your goals.

START with your goals and work backwards. Know what you want to achieve and then thoroughly examine what social media platforms are
required to accomplish your goal and how much they cost. Then revise your budget and/or goals accordingly.

6. Understand the difference between your personal profile page and your business page.

It’s simple…don’t put pictures of your WILD vacation to Cuba on your business page! Your business page is about your business and what IT can do for your clients. Your personal profile is about YOU. Don’t confuse
the two!

7. Determine the relevance of social media in your market.

Just about every business can see a return on investment from social media. But “old school” direct mail campaigns and use of billboards can be just as
effective. If your goal is brand awareness, a simple billboard located on an intersection of two main streets in a city can generate GREAT results for your business! Social media is important but depending on your business and/or your goals, you might want to mix in some more traditional forms of media.