5 Types Of Work From Home You Should Be Using

Given the very exceptional circumstances in which we live with health emergencies and obligatory social distances, distance working is increasingly necessary and the working future of thousands of companies
depends on the next steps they take with regard to the way all their employees work.

Luckily, technology has not stopped advancing and there are now thousands of applications available for
companies or self-employed people to work remotely with complete peace of mind, and without a decrease in their performance and economic benefits.

The COVID19 has come to revolutionize everyone’s life, making it even clearer how important technology and the development of quality software is to speed up the transfer of work from the office to a remote

Do you want to know the best apps available to work from home?

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Team collaboration software

The main tool that most companies have started to implement is collective work software. Through this app, employees on the same team can stay connected at the same time and view all kinds of documents, while discussing their content or any other aspect.

Video conferencing software

Videoconferencing is not only a useful resource to see your family from the other side of the world, but it can also be used to conduct interviews, sell services or hold group meetings of companies or associations.

The video conferencing software app makes it possible for the board of a large company composed of 20 people to meet, even to be able to vote by hand and discuss all the points as if it were a face-to-face meeting;
it is not ideal and will require some coordination so that not everyone speaks at the same time, but it is a good temporary solution

Time tracking software

Are you the owner of a large company and don’t know how to control the efficiency of your workers from home? Now that problem has a solution.

Application developers have created sophisticated timekeeping software that counts employees’ hours remotely and silently so that managers know at all times if their team’s performance has declined and employees don’t feel too controlled.

Real-time document collaboration software

Storing files in the cloud is nothing new, as iOS and Android users have been using their cloud services for some time to keep their photos or files safe. However, using this cloud to work remotely on a daily basis is
something completely new.

Currently, this file collaboration software allows a large group of people to work in real-time, eliminating waiting times and speeding up the resolution of negotiations and common problems of work teams in

Without a doubt, this tool is the best future option for the work of thousands of companies and freelancers, as well as becoming the best ally of students and teachers who need to continue their education despite the

Endpoint protection software

Another aspect that most concerns employers are the security of their data when their employees use their own computers for work since from their homes it is much more difficult to control the entry of hackers into
the system with the intention of stealing confidential information.

Through this endpoint protection software, this problem will finally be solved, as it creates unique security the network between all the computers used for work and shields it from the most sophisticated attacks from outside.