The Corona-virus Crisis Is Showing Us How to Live Online

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Corona-virus crisis had a significant impact both on consumers and businesses. Social distance is vital to stay healthy during these hard times, and luckily, the internet provides us the opportunity to keep in touch with our loved ones, entertain ourselves, and do shopping online without having to leave our homes. In other words, we can still be connected, although we minimize as much as we can physically contact. As a small business owner, to survive, it is vital to pay attention to this essential change in our lives and make a switch to online selling methods. They are the definite future of the surviving businesses. And reputable online companies, such as Amazon, show us that this is the trend. For example, Amazon hired 100.000 employees to handle customer demand in the next period.

We have to create a virtual world to repair the broken physical world caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. And digital tools can help to strengthen real-life ties. Businesses must make efforts to build this virtual world to
meet new customer demand. Let’s see in which ways you should increase your marketing efforts:

Build a community

Social media is a primary source of getting in touch, especially in this harsh period. Researchers have shown that people who use social media frequently, being active by sending messages, or leaving comments,
reported being happier than the ones who just simply scrolled through their feeds. So it is important, as a business, to keep your audience engaged and create a community online. You can provide them useful,
correct information about the current situation, or share interesting ideas about how they can spend their time in isolation. It is vital that businesses stay in touch with their audience, show that they care, and be there for
them. Everybody is affected by the corona-virus pandemic, and users are interested in finding more about this subject and how they can make their life more comfortable. Businesses must support their customers and
invest in digital space. Social media must be one of your online marketing strategies now more than ever.

Invest in your company website

Due to physical limitations, people will switch to online e-commerce. And businesses must be prepared for this. It is crucial to optimize their websites, improve SEO strategy, to ensure that potential customers will be able to find their companies easy and have a good user experience. In China and Italia, for example, the countries most affected by coronavirus until now, online sales registered significant growth. And this is the trend worldwide. Consumer behavior is changing, and businesses must keep up with this switch and move in online, which is currently the safest way.

Create video content

Videos become even more crucial than before. In a world of isolation, videos will entertain users and help strengthen the social bond. Businesses must focus on video content and make it valuable. For example, in China, it has been invented ‘cloud clubbing’, a virtual party in which the DJ performs live sets on apps like TikTok and audience members can react in real-time on their phones. In other countries, groups are experimenting with virtual yoga classes, virtual dinner parties. These are creative digital experiments coming in a time of desperate need for actions like this. They provide an excellent opportunity for small businesses to reach their audience and offer them unique experiences that will make their time spent in isolation
bearable or even enjoyable. Everybody feels isolated to some degree, and companies must step up and help in every way they can to keep their users engaged and feel less lonely. Video content must become an essential part of online marketing strategies to remain relevant to their target audience.


Businesses must make significant changes in their marketing strategies and focus on online to survive this pandemic outbreak. It is the time where technology creates a sturdy bridge between consumers and companies. We live uncertain times, but the only constant nowadays is the online environment. Virtual spaces will sustain all of us during this period, and the focus must be here. We shall replace the physical proximity we are loosing and mobilize to support the real-life communities. It is time to use technology to meet this unfortunate crisis.

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